Dubai being the regional Hub for all business activities in the world, Kompass International has chosen this " City of Gold ", as their maritime operation centre while taking advantage of Dubai's highly advanced infrastructure, which is well known to the global business community.

Our interest is to create a niche market with compatible business acumen into the intra regional market, while exploring possibility of improving the regional market with innovative custom made services to Kompass customers.

Dubai is the main sourcing area for the East Africa, Red Sea, Persian and Arabian Gulf, while actively involved in trade relationship with Indian Sub Continent and the Far East countries. We have developed our own agency network in this region through our own representative offices, which are supported by professionals with decades of shipping experience and exposure in these markets.

Kompass is managed by professionals of who are skilled in shipping practice and are exposed to the Middle East markets. The people behind Kompass are experienced in the shipping industry, known to their dedication and hard work in the shipping fraternity. Maintaining global standards, Kompass would like to be more close to business community with excellent shipping service at par with market standards, and, at the same time maintaining traditional shipping practice as the key to their service entity.

With innovation and service commitment, Kompass will has created its own niche market in the shipping and forwarding industry in Dubai. Globally, Kompass Int'l Shipping Services, are represented by various multinational forwarders who are engaged in similar service industry with the intention of promoting a shipping service to the traders and business community in this region. Kompass International Shipping Services LLC, is engaged in shipping activity, while focusing to serve the Business community, Ship Owners, Air and Sea Charters and Shipping community. Kompass have emerged as project partners to our alliances in Europe to cater to the various upcoming projects in the Emirate.Kompass International Shipping Services LLC offers a comprehensive varied shipping related services. We offer services to Traders, Ship Owners, Air and Sea Charterer's Ship Management Companies, and wide range of activities related to General Trading. We are well connected to the global market through our own established agency network.
We have accomplished major project tenders specialized in heavy lift transportation and Multinational Project transportation.
Kompass is well known among the Heavy Industries, Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas Technology, Iron & Steel Industry and Power Projects, who invested their interests for the excellent service rendered to their cargo movements. Our continued association with these industries are a testimony to our high end service we provide to our customers.


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